Jancropadj5Jan Murdoch BA, BEd, MEd, PEd, Nordic Instr, FMS Instr.

After 31 years in Education as a Physical Education Teacher and Administrator, Jan retired to spend more time on her passions. One passion is to better understand the connection between Body Fitness and Brain Fitness. In a recent article from Baycrest Centre in Toronto, it was confirmed that Dementia is linked to a sedentary lifestyle and NOT to the aging process



2015-12-16 11.53.37Debb Wayland BScN, Nordic Instr, FMS Instr.

Debb has retired from hospital sector nursing, most recently from the Emergency Room (ER) and Urgent Care setting. She started pole walking 8 years ago and immediately fell in love with the sport.  Debb obtained her Instructor Qualifications in Nordic Pole Walking and in June 2015 she completed her Fundamental Movement Skills Certification with the Canadian Coaching Association. Debb’s medical qualifications along with her enthusiasm and creative talents make her a valued member of our team.