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Brain Benefits of Physical Exercise:

  • Exercise aids the survival and consolidation of brain cells particularly in the hippocampus, the area of the brain most important for memory. This leads to an increase in brain chemicals (including one known to be directly related to improving memory), and the growth of new blood vessels in the brain.
  • The frontal and temporal lobes increase in size through exercise. These regions are involved in memory and in executive functioning, which regulates planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, inhibition, mental flexibility, task-switching, and initiation and monitoring of actions.
  • Exercise likely helps prevent the small strokes in the white matter of the brain that have been linked to vascular dementia and to the worsening of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Measurement of the electrical activity of the brain indicates that becoming physically fit alters a person’s baseline brain activity, making a fit person better able to pay attention than a sedentary person, even when not exercising.

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Mar 15, 2017 – 

This week and every week, we read articles in the news about the link between exercise and aging. There’s a steady flow of new research and fresh findings on this topic, which all come to the same conclusion: exercise has very positive effects. But does it delay aging? Is it anti-aging? Perhaps it’s this anti-aging mindset that is unhealthy in itself. Aging is inevitable and a gift that so many are denied. So why not shift that mindset and instead embrace aging? Let’s focus on healthy aging instead of anti-aging. And, from that perspective, exercise has many benefits. There is mounting evidence that regular physical activity contributes to healthy aging. Read our Blog Posts on this topic below.


Formally launched in 1981, CAAWS was founded to advocate for progressive change
within Canada’s sport system. Its goal was to see the enhanced presence of girls and women at all levels and in all areas – as athletes, participants, leaders, officials,coaches and trainers.


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