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Women Walking For Life

Women Walking For Life is a project funded by the CAAWS.

The participants in the project found it motivationing and fun. They enjoyed improving their physical literacy and now make movement a part of their daily routine.

“I enjoyed participating in the project. It made me more aware of the skills I must maintain to stay healthy. I never realized that striking and throwing were so important. I have 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 3 to 14 and have been involved with playing with them so I have maintained the skills. Every summer I spend at least 6 weeks at the cottage in Muskoka where I walk, carry things, play with the kids, swim, kayak and dive off the dock and climb up the dock ladders to get out of the lake after my swim. Sometimes I think I should rest more but this project made me realize how my active life keeps me healthy despite the osteoporosis. I am learning to adjust my posture and movements not to aggravate my joints and strengthen my core to support my back.

Thank you for including me in your project.” Laura

jointwalk  Walking, one of your first acquired fundamental movements skills should be done properly, swing the opposite hand to the foot you are stepping with. This participant was initially swing the same hand, a simple correction and she was off walking correctly.